About Us

One Tree Point School is a Year 1- 6 school with approximately 250 students, situated 40 Km south of Whangarei, on the shores of the harbour. We are a well-resourced school with excellent facilities. At One Tree Point School all our staff value and enjoy each individual child. Their happiness and wellbeing, along with their social and academic development, are the driving forces behind our charter and what we do every day. We do our very best to fulfil our mission statement of developing our children to be the best people they can be.

As a consequence, we all enjoy being part of a school with a wonderful culture. Children love being here, working alongside one another, as do our high quality staff. The respect shown by all members of our school to one another has developed a sense of partnership and purpose. The children at One Tree Point care about their learning and take increasing responsibility in this process as they progress through the school. Being a creative lifelong learner, who is culturally aware, environmentally conscious and a positive global citizen, are the expectations of all our students.

It's fantastic teaching and learning in such a cool school on the Northland East coast but someone has to do it! Come and join us?

All You Need To Know

Our Advantages

Great Teachers.
One Tree Point School attracts a high calibre of teachers and our attrition rate is very low. As a consequence, teachers really get to know students, their individual needs and have the professional knowledge to provide the appropriate teaching necessary. There is also a very strong professional ethos, a commitment to work collaboratively and consistency in the process of change management.
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Excellent Facilities.
For many years the management of school resources and property have been reviewed and improved. Strong and consistent management and governance have been supported by an active PTA. Collectively we have provided many facilities and resources for the use of our students including a hall, library, pool, modern learning environments and current Information Technology.
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Wonderful Location.
One Tree Point School is located just across road from a great beach and beautiful harbour. The school makes the most of Northland's weather and use the environment to the fullest. This includes taking the whole school swimming across the road when the tide is right. Being situated 30 km south of Whangarei gives One Tree Point the enviable position of coastal living but still close to the city.
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What the Kids Say

“There are lots of nice children at OTP School. All the teachers are nice because they help you when you make a mistake, they help you with your writing and we also have a cool Principal that gives us all the stuff we need for school....”

“I created my own WEB Site and it has photos and games and things I like. We learn a lot from the teachers and I also like the others Kids as we play good together....”

“I think One Tree Point School is cool because we get to learn and that is what school is for. I honestly love having cool teachers and sometime we even have class treats....”