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Sun Safety

We do our best to ensure that children and staff are, wherever possible, protected from skin damage caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun which can lead to skin cancer.

  • Programmes of sun safety are incorporated into the health curriculum.

  • Children and staff must wear sun hats when outside at playtimes and lunchtimes in the 

    summer terms ( Terms 1 and 4).
  • Children without sun hats must stay in the shaded areas within the school.
  • The Board will maintain a planting programme to ensure that there is adequate shade available within the school premises.
  • The use of sunscreen is encouraged and we encourage you to sunscreen your child before they come to school.
  • The school provides hats for sale at $17 for each child to wear at school.
Cycling or Scootering to School

The responsibility for the safety of children if riding to and from school belongs exclusively to the parents and not the school. The NZ Police, Bike Wise and ITSA recommend that cyclists be a minimum of 10 years old before they ride independently. This is a recommendation only, and  the final decision and responsibility lies with the parents/caregivers. 

  • It is important that children are at an age and sensible enough to ride take this big step.

  •  It is also important that they have been coached by you to a point where you are comfortable with their levels of ability and maturity to take this big step. 

  • We will call you when we hear of unsafe riding and will endeavour to organise bike training with the police. 

Emergency Procedures

Evacuation and /or lock down drills will be held once a term. Emergency drill procedures will be displayed in all classrooms and other areas such as the staffroom, offices and library. The emergency assembly point for staff, students and all visitors is the rugby field.

Road Patrols

The school patrols comprise of Year 6 students with a supervising adult. The school patrols will be trained yearly by a Police Education Officer. A student must have written permission from their parent/caregiver prior to joining the school patrol team

School patrols operate once daily during school terms 7.55am to 8.15am. 

Recording illegal or dangerous driving behaviour is noted by the adult supervisor at the crossing. Cycle and pedestrian complaints are also recorded in a notebook monitored by the D.P. and parents notified where necessary.

Picking up Children by Car

We ask parents to leave their vehicles and collect their children from the path alongside the swimming pool where they will be brought out by their teacher. On wet days children will be waiting under the covered quad between the blocks of classrooms. We do not want unaccompanied children to cross the car park area or the road.

Cars to enter court carpark from the swimming pool end and angle park when dropping children off. Students should alight and enter a vehicle from the footpath side door when stopping on the side of the road.  Students, parents/caregivers must use the pedestrian crossing/road patrols if they need to cross the road. Students are not allowed to walk through the carpark

The carpark is for the sole use of members of staff and official school visitors

Parents/caregivers must not park and wait for students on any yellow line or within 5 metres of the crossing patrol site.

Taking Children from School Early

If there are exceptional circumstances and parents wish to take their child / children from school early, this must be done through the office. Please sign the child out before collecting them from the classroom. Please do not take your child / children out of school without going through this procedure as you will cause staff a lot of concern over the whereabouts of your child. 

School Visitors

All visitors to the school including parents and caregivers are asked to come to the office. Firstly for safety reasons, we need to know who is on our school grounds at all times and, secondly, we aim to reduce classroom interruptions to a minimum. 

Sun Safety
Cycling to School
Emergency Procedures
Road Patrols
Child from School Early
Picking up a Child by Car
School Visitors
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