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Positive Behaviour 4 Learning

Restorative Practice

One Tree Point School is a Positive Behaviour for Learning school (PB4L). We have high expectations for our learners. We strive to involve our parents and whanau in supporting positive behaviour and promoting student achievement and well-being. School-wide, consistent expectations for behaviour are underpinned by our CARE values and these are explicitly taught across the school. 


PB4L is a systematic and long term initiative that we are committed to, see Ministry of Education (for more information Click Here ). 


Restorative Practice

PB4L Restorative Practice is an approach that focuses on building and maintaining positive relationships across the school community and provides our staff with best-practice tools and techniques for restoring relationships when things go wrong. 

(For more information click here)

Restorative Conferences

Restorative Conferencing is a process that provides schools with ways to repair harm and restore relationships. It uses the stories of those involved in an incident and the people close to it (e.g. students, staff and whanau) to:

  • explore what has happened and who has been affected

  • hold those who have caused harm accountable for their actions

  • provide support to those who have been harmed, and others involved.

In most instances Restorative Conferences are part of our day to day in-school processes. For more serious incidents Restorative Conferences may involve the families of all students involved. 


We also reserve the right to follow Ministry of Education guidelines for the stand-down and suspension of students for serious incidents of misconduct. 

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