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Our Events

Upcoming Important Dates:

June 2023
1st - Winter Sports
5th - Kings Birthday
12th - BOT Meeting 
17th - Beats by Bingo Night held at the School Hall
19th - Whole School Assembly 1:40pm
28th - Lucky Book orders, last day for orders to the office, online ordering closes
29th - Matariki Festival (held at Ruakaka Primary School) Post Postponement Date 25th of July.
30th - Last day of term

July 2023
7th - Book Club last day for online orders
21st - Matariki School Celebration Day.  All Whanau welcome!
24th - BOT Meeting

August 2023
3rd August - Liz Davies; School Photos 
7th - Monday Teacher only day (Please mark this on your calendar not open for students to attend)

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