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E- Learning and Digital Citizenship

Becoming a Digital Citizen

At One Tree Point School we support students to become responsible and safe users of digital technologies and the internet.  It is also important that our students learn how to interact and participate in a digitally literate society. 

We think a good digital citizen is someone who: 

  • Is a confident and capable user of digital technology

  • will use digital technologies for learning and participating in a range of activities

  • will think carefully about whether the information they see online is true

  • will be able to speak the language of digital technologies

  • will always use digital technologies to communicate with others in positive ways

  • understands that they may experience problems when using digital technology but can deal with them

  • will be honest and fair in all of their actions using digital technology

  • will always respect people’s privacy and freedom of speech online

  • will help others to become a better digital citizen

Please click on the links below:

Digital Citizenship Powerpoint for Parents. 

Information from Netsafe New Zealand

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