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Ongoing, clear communication between home and school is vital for the well-being and progress of each child. Parents/Caregivers/Whanau are encouraged to make contact with staff throughout the year at appropriate times. Please make an appointment with your child’s teacher outside of school hours.


A newsletter is sent by email every second Thursday. Our newsletter provides important school notices, dates for coming events and occasionally forms to be returned.  A copy of the newsletter is available on our website, if you would prefer to receive a hard copy please let the office know. If it is necessary for us to send out other notices (e.g. for class camps), we make every effort to send these out only on Thursdays with the newsletter.


We also use emails, text messaging, Seesaw for Schools and our school Facebook page to keep you updated in between newsletters.

(See also Reports and Interviews)


Concerns or Queries

(please also see Policies)

If parents or caregivers have any concerns or queries, we genuinely wish to hear them.  Contact the relevant staff member at school outside teaching hours, or, if you prefer, send us a note or make a phone call.  


  • Procedures will follow the guidelines agreed to in the school Complaints Policy.

  • At One Tree Point School we believe in talking directly to the person that can solve the problem.  This means that in most cases initial contact is an appointment with your child’s Teacher.

  • If there is no resolution, or the concern needs further support then an appointment with the Team Leader will be made. 

  • After this point you may need to make an appointment with a Deputy Principal

  • If the matter remains unresolved or if any further action is required they may refer you to the Principal  depending on the action required

  • Formal complaints must be written.

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