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About One Tree Point School

One Tree Point School is a Year 1- 6 school with approximately 250 students, situated 40 Km south of Whangārei on a wonderful site just across the road from the harbour.   


The land on which our school is situated is called ‘Te Ara Kāhika’ or ‘Pathway of Chiefs’. In previous times this is the route that Ngā puhi chiefs took on their journey south. It is important for us that we acknowledge and value the language and stories of our local iwi, Patuharakeke and so we incorporate the name

‘Te Ara Kāhika’ alongside ‘One Tree Point School’


In Maori culture whales are synonymous with chiefs, and the names of the three teams within our school are named after the whales that traditionally swim in our harbour: Hakura is the smallest whale and the name of our year 0-2 team, Paikea is the humpbacked whale and the name of our year 3-4 team and Parāoa is the spermwhale and the name of our year 5-6 team. 











One Tree Point has a staff of talented teachers and support staff who are committed to ensuring our children are equipped with the habits, skills and knowledge they need to thrive today and in their future. We work collaboratively as a team to develop our learners to be thinkers who are curious about the world and actively engaged in their learning.  Our vision and values form the foundation of our curriculum.

We believe that in order to achieve our vision of ‘Empowering Learners who CARE’, we need to work in partnership with whanau, parents and caregivers and encourage you to speak to your child’s teacher about how you can be involved. We enjoy the support of a friendly community and committed Parent Teacher Association (PTA) who work hard to raise much needed funds that provide additional learning resources


We are a well-resourced school with excellent facilities. 

As a consequence, we all enjoy being part of a school with a wonderful culture. Children love being here, working alongside one another, as do our staff. The respect shown by all members of our school to one another has developed a sense of partnership and purpose. 

It's fantastic teaching and learning in such a cool school on the Northland East coast but someone has to do it!

Come and join us...

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