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Library & Book Club

We have a beautiful Library with many books, seating areas and games for the children to utilise. Every week each class gets the option to visit the library where each child may choose 3 books to borrow for up to 21 days. Books taken home must be transported in a book bag for protection.

Lost or Damaged Books

If a school book such as a library book or home reader is lost or damaged, the school will expect the family to pay for the replacement.

Ashton Scholastic Book Club

Students are given the opportunity to purchase books from Ashton's Lucky & Arrow Book Clubs. A bookclub magazine will be given to each student each term. These can be ordered online or through the order forms attached at the back of the book club magazine. 

To order online please click here all payments are made via card or bank transfer when ordering online. Items ordered will be delivered to school when ready.

When ordering through the magazine, please place the order forms with the required money in a named, sealed envelope. Payment can also be made by credit card by filling in the details on the bottom of the order sheet. Envelopes are to be put in the box on the office counter.

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